Kent, England


Tree: Wittersham Tree
Latitude: 51.220428, Longitude: 0.890132


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenkins, Ewart Dudley  17 Apr 1921Kent, England I2880 Wittersham Tree 
2 Jenkins, Ewart Dudley  17 Apr 1921Kent, England I342221942246 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, Betsy  28 Sep 1927Kent, England I2284 Wittersham Tree 
2 Archer, Betsy  28 Sep 1927Kent, England I342142475101 Wittersham Tree 
3 Archer, John Ranji  2011Kent, England I2361 Wittersham Tree 
4 Archer, John Ranji  2011Kent, England I342149435342 Wittersham Tree 
5 Dengate, Eliza Anne  27 Dec 1877Kent, England I3040 Wittersham Tree 
6 Dengate, Eliza Anne  27 Dec 1877Kent, England I342230726044 Wittersham Tree 
7 Dengate, Harriet Bessie  1 Nov 1943Kent, England I2875 Wittersham Tree 
8 Dengate, Harriet Bessie  1 Nov 1943Kent, England I342221941466 Wittersham Tree 
9 Dengate, Mary Charlotte  27 Mar 1943Kent, England I3687 Wittersham Tree 
10 Dengate, Mary Charlotte  27 Mar 1943Kent, England I342276267156 Wittersham Tree 
11 Dengate, Naomi  22 Oct 1923Kent, England I3664 Wittersham Tree 
12 Dengate, Naomi  22 Oct 1923Kent, England I342276007710 Wittersham Tree 
13 Gains, Albert David  12 Mar 1908Kent, England P89 Rye Tree 
14 Goodwin, Herbert Daniel  29 Oct 1960Kent, England P386 Ticehurst Tree 
15 Goodwin, Louis  11 Nov 1932Kent, England P384 Ticehurst Tree 
16 Manwaring, Margaret Mary  21 December 1956Kent, England P318 Ticehurst Tree 
17 Wood, Charles George  22 Oct 1916Kent, England I2226 Wittersham Tree 
18 Wood, Charles George  22 Oct 1916Kent, England I342142330544 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acott, Lily Elizabeth  8 Apr 2002Kent, England I342222472013 Wittersham Tree 
2 Brigden, Sidney John  28 Jun 1991Kent, England P413 Ticehurst Tree 
3 Clark, Molly Irene  18 Jan 1977Kent, England I716 Wittersham Tree 
4 Clark, Molly Irene  18 Jan 1977Kent, England I340045094209 Wittersham Tree 
5 Dengate, Arther Sidney  3 Mar 1971Kent, England I2868 Wittersham Tree 
6 Dengate, Arther Sidney  3 Mar 1971Kent, England I342221945693 Wittersham Tree 
7 Dengate, Ellen  14 Feb 1944Kent, England P247 Ticehurst Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acott, Lily Elizabeth  1939Kent, England I2898 Wittersham Tree 
2 Acott, Lily Elizabeth  1939Kent, England I342222472013 Wittersham Tree 
3 Archer, Philadelphia Ann  1939Kent, England I2282 Wittersham Tree 
4 Archer, Philadelphia Ann  1939Kent, England I342142475093 Wittersham Tree 
5 Ashdown, Frank  1939Kent, England I342100280488 Wittersham Tree 
6 Ashdown, Lilian J   I342392964685 Wittersham Tree 
7 Beaney, Caroline Frances  1939Kent, England I3622 Wittersham Tree 
8 Beaney, Caroline Frances  1939Kent, England I342273868513 Wittersham Tree 
9 Bonner, Evelyn F L  1939Kent, England P410 Ticehurst Tree 
10 Brann, Alfred  1939Kent, England I1058 Wittersham Tree 
11 Brann, Alfred  1939Kent, England I340115546635 Wittersham Tree 
12 Brigden, Sidney John  1939Kent, England P413 Ticehurst Tree 
13 Bussey, Lilian May  1939Kent, England I2755 Wittersham Tree 
14 Bussey, Lilian May  1939Kent, England I342212231823 Wittersham Tree 
15 Clark, Molly Irene  1939Kent, England I716 Wittersham Tree 
16 Clark, Molly Irene  1939Kent, England I340045094209 Wittersham Tree 
17 Clark, Stanley Frank  1939Kent, England I1420 Wittersham Tree 
18 Clark, Stanley Frank  1939Kent, England I342057493159 Wittersham Tree 
19 Dengate, Albert Victor  1939Kent, England P312 Ticehurst Tree 
20 Dengate, Alfred Russell  1939Kent, England I729 Wittersham Tree 
21 Dengate, Alfred Russell  1939Kent, England I340045091534 Wittersham Tree 
22 Dengate, Alice May  1939Kent, England P327 Ticehurst Tree 
23 Dengate, Annie Elizabeth  1939Kent, England I877 Wittersham Tree 
24 Dengate, Annie Elizabeth  1939Kent, England I340055612193 Wittersham Tree 
25 Dengate, Arther Sidney  1939Kent, England I2868 Wittersham Tree 
26 Dengate, Arther Sidney  1939Kent, England I342221945693 Wittersham Tree 
27 Dengate, Arthur Herbert  1939Kent, England I2736 Wittersham Tree 
28 Dengate, Arthur Herbert  1939Kent, England I342212238176 Wittersham Tree 
29 Dengate, Basil Stanley  1939Kent, England I2893 Wittersham Tree 
30 Dengate, Basil Stanley  1939Kent, England I342221976237 Wittersham Tree 
31 Dengate, Catherine  1939Kent, England I1056 Wittersham Tree 
32 Dengate, Catherine   I3624 Wittersham Tree 
33 Dengate, Catherine  1939Kent, England I340115546404 Wittersham Tree 
34 Dengate, Catherine  1939Kent, England I342273868861 Wittersham Tree 
35 Dengate, Cedric Arthur Ronald  1939Kent, England I2895 Wittersham Tree 
36 Dengate, Cedric Arthur Ronald  1939Kent, England I342221976244 Wittersham Tree 
37 Dengate, Charles Benjamin  1939Kent, England I2866 Wittersham Tree 
38 Dengate, Charles Benjamin  1939Kent, England I342221944731 Wittersham Tree 
39 Dengate, Charles James Gordon  1939Kent, England I2897 Wittersham Tree 
40 Dengate, Charles James Gordon  1939Kent, England I342222471814 Wittersham Tree 
41 Dengate, Dorothy B   I342421493639 Wittersham Tree 
42 Dengate, Eleanor Maud  1939Kent, England I2865 Wittersham Tree 
43 Dengate, Eleanor Maud  1939Kent, England I342221944730 Wittersham Tree 
44 Dengate, Ellen  1939Kent, England P247 Ticehurst Tree 
45 Dengate, Ellen Margaret  1939Kent, England P319 Ticehurst Tree 
46 Dengate, Ernest Alec  1939Kent, England I2719 Wittersham Tree 
47 Dengate, Ernest Alec  1939Kent, England I342212851320 Wittersham Tree 
48 Dengate, Eunice Connie  1939Kent, England I2894 Wittersham Tree 
49 Dengate, Eunice Connie  1939Kent, England I342221976241 Wittersham Tree 
50 Dengate, Fanny  1939Kent, England P245 Ticehurst Tree 

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