Bexhill, Sussex, England


Tree: Wittersham Tree
Latitude: 50.849998, Longitude: 0.483333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dengate, Alan James   I3308 Wittersham Tree 
2 Dengate, Alan James   I342248253313 Wittersham Tree 
3 Dengate, Charles  15 Mar 1816Bexhill, Sussex, England I1051 Wittersham Tree 
4 Dengate, Charles  15 March 1816Bexhill, Sussex, England I340115545732 Wittersham Tree 
5 Dengate, Charles William  Oct 1910Bexhill, Sussex, England I2794 Wittersham Tree 
6 Dengate, Charles William  October 1910Bexhill, Sussex, England I342216743644 Wittersham Tree 
7 Dengate, Giles Stewart   I3310 Wittersham Tree 
8 Dengate, Giles Stewart   I342248253431 Wittersham Tree 
9 Dengate, Harriet  9 Apr 1814Bexhill, Sussex, England I1014 Wittersham Tree 
10 Dengate, Harriet  9 April 1814Bexhill, Sussex, England I340084541174 Wittersham Tree 
11 Dengate, Janet Barbara   I3309 Wittersham Tree 
12 Dengate, Janet Barbara   I342248253378 Wittersham Tree 
13 Dengate, Mary  6 Sep 1885Bexhill, Sussex, England I2547 Wittersham Tree 
14 Dengate, Mary  6 Sep 1885Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530174 Wittersham Tree 
15 Dengate, William Thomas  22 Aug 1889Bexhill, Sussex, England I2549 Wittersham Tree 
16 Dengate, William Thomas  22 Aug 1889Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530879 Wittersham Tree 
17 Phillips, Mary Olive Coutts  10 Nov 1925Bexhill, Sussex, England I3307 Wittersham Tree 
18 Phillips, Mary Olive Coutts  10 November 1925Bexhill, Sussex, England I342248253236 Wittersham Tree 
19 Spray, Anna  1856Bexhill, Sussex, England I3388 Wittersham Tree 
20 Spray, Anna  1856Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264132 Wittersham Tree 
21 Spray, Fanny  1854Bexhill, Sussex, England I3387 Wittersham Tree 
22 Spray, Fanny  1854Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264126 Wittersham Tree 
23 Spray, George  1857Bexhill, Sussex, England I3389 Wittersham Tree 
24 Spray, George  1857Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264138 Wittersham Tree 
25 Spray, Mary  1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I3390 Wittersham Tree 
26 Spray, Mary  1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264141 Wittersham Tree 
27 Turner, Sarah  1826Bexhill, Sussex, England I2141 Wittersham Tree 
28 Turner, Sarah  1826Bexhill, Sussex, England I342140448842 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crust, Ethel Amelia  6 Aug 1973Bexhill, Sussex, England I3255 Wittersham Tree 
2 Crust, Ethel Amelia  6 August 1973Bexhill, Sussex, England I342248250207 Wittersham Tree 
3 Dengate, Eliza  Apr 1925Bexhill, Sussex, England I1003 Wittersham Tree 
4 Dengate, Eliza  April 1925Bexhill, Sussex, England I340086639235 Wittersham Tree 
5 Dengate, Frederick James  9 Dec 1969Bexhill, Sussex, England I3254 Wittersham Tree 
6 Dengate, Frederick James  9 December 1969Bexhill, Sussex, England I342248248862 Wittersham Tree 
7 Dengate, James  1 Feb 1947Bexhill, Sussex, England I2515 Wittersham Tree 
8 Dengate, James  1 February 1947Bexhill, Sussex, England I342163528756 Wittersham Tree 
9 Watling, Margaret Evelyn  17 Dec 2008Bexhill, Sussex, England I3421 Wittersham Tree 
10 Watling, Margaret Evelyn  17 Dec 2008Bexhill, Sussex, England I342271521957 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dengate, Charles  28 Apr 1816Bexhill, Sussex, England I1051 Wittersham Tree 
2 Dengate, Charles  28 April 1816Bexhill, Sussex, England I340115545732 Wittersham Tree 
3 Dengate, Harriet  22 May 1814Bexhill, Sussex, England I1014 Wittersham Tree 
4 Dengate, Harriet  22 May 1814Bexhill, Sussex, England I340084541174 Wittersham Tree 
5 Dengate, William  2 May 1813Bexhill, Sussex, England I1012 Wittersham Tree 
6 Dengate, William  2 May 1813Bexhill, Sussex, England I340084540490 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashdown, Alfred  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I340082460383 Wittersham Tree 
2 Ashdown, Alfred  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I340084476157 Wittersham Tree 
3 Ashdown, Alfred  02 Apr 1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I340082460383 Wittersham Tree 
4 Ashdown, Thomas  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I340084536576 Wittersham Tree 
5 Brett, Ellen  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2558 Wittersham Tree 
6 Brett, Ellen  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196527710 Wittersham Tree 
7 Brett, Ellen  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I2558 Wittersham Tree 
8 Brett, Ellen  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196527710 Wittersham Tree 
9 Brett, Ellen  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2558 Wittersham Tree 
10 Brett, Ellen  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196527710 Wittersham Tree 
11 Dengate, Alice  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2548 Wittersham Tree 
12 Dengate, Alice  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530319 Wittersham Tree 
13 Dengate, Charles Valentine  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2546 Wittersham Tree 
14 Dengate, Charles Valentine  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530049 Wittersham Tree 
15 Dengate, Emma Elizabeth  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2562 Wittersham Tree 
16 Dengate, Emma Elizabeth  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196528670 Wittersham Tree 
17 Dengate, Frederick Henry  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I2559 Wittersham Tree 
18 Dengate, Frederick Henry  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196527967 Wittersham Tree 
19 Dengate, Frederick Henry  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2559 Wittersham Tree 
20 Dengate, Frederick Henry  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196527967 Wittersham Tree 
21 Dengate, James Limbrust  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2557 Wittersham Tree 
22 Dengate, James Limbrust  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196526816 Wittersham Tree 
23 Dengate, James Limbrust  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I2557 Wittersham Tree 
24 Dengate, James Limbrust  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196526816 Wittersham Tree 
25 Dengate, James Limbrust  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2557 Wittersham Tree 
26 Dengate, James Limbrust  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196526816 Wittersham Tree 
27 Dengate, James Limburst  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2563 Wittersham Tree 
28 Dengate, James Limburst  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196528672 Wittersham Tree 
29 Dengate, Mary  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2547 Wittersham Tree 
30 Dengate, Mary  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530174 Wittersham Tree 
31 Dengate, Mary  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I2547 Wittersham Tree 
32 Dengate, Mary  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530174 Wittersham Tree 
33 Dengate, Muriel Helen  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2581 Wittersham Tree 
34 Dengate, Muriel Helen  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196534762 Wittersham Tree 
35 Dengate, William Thomas  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I2549 Wittersham Tree 
36 Dengate, William Thomas  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530879 Wittersham Tree 
37 Dengate, William Thomas  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I2549 Wittersham Tree 
38 Dengate, William Thomas  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530879 Wittersham Tree 
39 Dengate, William Thomas  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2549 Wittersham Tree 
40 Dengate, William Thomas  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196530879 Wittersham Tree 
41 Harvey, Ellen  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I3386 Wittersham Tree 
42 Harvey, Ellen  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269263786 Wittersham Tree 
43 Smith, Amy Elizabeth  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I2580 Wittersham Tree 
44 Smith, Amy Elizabeth  1911Bexhill, Sussex, England I342196534758 Wittersham Tree 
45 Spray, Anna  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I3388 Wittersham Tree 
46 Spray, Anna  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264132 Wittersham Tree 
47 Spray, Fanny  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I3387 Wittersham Tree 
48 Spray, Fanny  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264126 Wittersham Tree 
49 Spray, George  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I3389 Wittersham Tree 
50 Spray, George  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I342269264138 Wittersham Tree 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dengate / Phillips  21 August 1948Bexhill, Sussex, England F925 Wittersham Tree 
2 Dungate / Reeves  22 April 1789Bexhill, Sussex, England F763 Wittersham Tree 
3 Goodwin / Keeley   F835 Wittersham Tree 

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