Battersea, Surrey, England


Tree: Wittersham Tree
Latitude: 51.473721, Longitude: -0.153613


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1850Battersea, Surrey, England I340122899314 Wittersham Tree 
2 Barnes, Alfred D  Abt 1871Battersea, Surrey, England I3017 Wittersham Tree 
3 Barnes, Alfred D  Abt 1871Battersea, Surrey, England I342232120641 Wittersham Tree 
4 Fox, Arthur John  Abt 1862Battersea, Surrey, England I340007507712 Wittersham Tree 
5 Fox, Arthur S J  Abt 1887Battersea, Surrey, England I340036088717 Wittersham Tree 
6 Fox, Ellen S  Abt 1884Battersea, Surrey, England I340036088716 Wittersham Tree 
7 Fox, Margaret J  Abt 1859Battersea, Surrey, England I340036088715 Wittersham Tree 
8 Goodwin, Rosina Susannah  17 Jan 1867Battersea, Surrey, England I340045568020 Wittersham Tree 
9 Phillips, Ellen  Abt 1860Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401909 Wittersham Tree 
10 Phillips, Frederick  Abt 1863Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401910 Wittersham Tree 
11 Phillips, Henry  Abt 1859Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401906 Wittersham Tree 
12 Phillips, John Edward  9 Sept 1856Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401905 Wittersham Tree 
13 Phillips, Laura  1869Battersea, Surrey, England I34431731995 Wittersham Tree 
14 Phillips, Thomas Martin  Mar 1854Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401902 Wittersham Tree 
15 Smith, Amy May  11th May 1895Battersea, Surrey, England I34431750843 Wittersham Tree 
16 Smith, Florence Priscilla  28 Aug 1896Battersea, Surrey, England I428 Wittersham Tree 
17 Smith, Florence Priscilla  28 Aug 1896Battersea, Surrey, England I34390821566 Wittersham Tree 
18 Smith, George Augustus  1898Battersea, Surrey, England I34431798862 Wittersham Tree 
19 Smith, George Edward  13 June 1902Battersea, Surrey, England I34431766175 Wittersham Tree 
20 Smith, Laura Elizabeth  16th August 1890Battersea, Surrey, England I34431764552 Wittersham Tree 
21 Smith, Lilian  10th April 1900Battersea, Surrey, England I34431766037 Wittersham Tree 
22 Smith, Rose Ada  1894Battersea, Surrey, England I34431797972 Wittersham Tree 
23 Whitworth, Edward John  2 May 1824Battersea, Surrey, England I34404400993 Wittersham Tree 
24 Whitworth, Edward John  21 Sep 1828Battersea, Surrey, England I34404399401 Wittersham Tree 
25 Whitworth, Elizabeth  16 Nov 1821Battersea, Surrey, England I34279605524 Wittersham Tree 
26 Whitworth, Esther Sophia  27 Feb 1820Battersea, Surrey, England I34404399844 Wittersham Tree 
27 Whitworth, Jane  17 July 1836Battersea, Surrey, England I34404397725 Wittersham Tree 
28 Whitworth, Joseph  9 May 1831Battersea, Surrey, England I34404398848 Wittersham Tree 
29 Whitworth, Sarah  27 Feb 1839Battersea, Surrey, England I34404397375 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cordwell, Mary  12th Jan 1864Battersea, Surrey, England I340007848252 Wittersham Tree 
2 Goodwin, Rebecca  22nd January 1887Battersea, Surrey, England I340007507143 Wittersham Tree 
3 Paddon, Joseph  5th November 1865Battersea, Surrey, England I34432408995 Wittersham Tree 
4 Phillips, Martin Thomas  26 Oct 1901Battersea, Surrey, England I34431747182 Wittersham Tree 
5 Smith, George Augustus  1 April 1935Battersea, Surrey, England I34431730536 Wittersham Tree 
6 Whitworth, Edward John  1825Battersea, Surrey, England I34404400993 Wittersham Tree 
7 Whitworth, Esther Sophia  1842Battersea, Surrey, England I34404399844 Wittersham Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smith, Amy May  30th May 1895Battersea, Surrey, England I34431750843 Wittersham Tree 
2 Smith, Florence Priscilla  1st October 1896Battersea, Surrey, England I428 Wittersham Tree 
3 Smith, Florence Priscilla  1st October 1896Battersea, Surrey, England I34390821566 Wittersham Tree 
4 Smith, George Augustus  9th June 1898Battersea, Surrey, England I34431798862 Wittersham Tree 
5 Smith, Rose Ada  5th April 1894Battersea, Surrey, England I34431797972 Wittersham Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Phillips, Selina  19 Sep 1866Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401911 Wittersham Tree 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fox, Arthur John  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I340007507712 Wittersham Tree 
2 Fox, John  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I340007507313 Wittersham Tree 
3 Goodwin, Rebecca  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I340007507143 Wittersham Tree 
4 Paddon, Amelia Elizabeth  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401899 Wittersham Tree 
5 Paddon, Amelia Elizabeth  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401899 Wittersham Tree 
6 Paddon, Hannah  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432444915 Wittersham Tree 
7 Paddon, Joseph  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432408995 Wittersham Tree 
8 Phillips, Amelia  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401900 Wittersham Tree 
9 Phillips, Amelia  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401900 Wittersham Tree 
10 Phillips, Ellen  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401909 Wittersham Tree 
11 Phillips, Ellen  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401909 Wittersham Tree 
12 Phillips, Frederick  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401910 Wittersham Tree 
13 Phillips, Henry  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401906 Wittersham Tree 
14 Phillips, Henry  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401906 Wittersham Tree 
15 Phillips, John Edward  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401905 Wittersham Tree 
16 Phillips, John Edward  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401905 Wittersham Tree 
17 Phillips, Laura  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34431731995 Wittersham Tree 
18 Phillips, Martin Thomas  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34431747182 Wittersham Tree 
19 Phillips, Martin Thomas  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34431747182 Wittersham Tree 
20 Phillips, Selina  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401911 Wittersham Tree 
21 Phillips, Thomas Martin  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401902 Wittersham Tree 
22 Phillips, Thomas Martin  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I34432401902 Wittersham Tree 
23 Wellman, James William  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I340012266364 Wittersham Tree 
24 Wellman, Richard  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I340012266547 Wittersham Tree 
25 Wellman, Roland  1861Battersea, Surrey, England I340012266546 Wittersham Tree 
26 Whitworth, Edward John  1841Battersea, Surrey, England I34404397124 Wittersham Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Smith / Thompson  6th May 1922Battersea, Surrey, England F779 Wittersham Tree 

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